Smart Eating

To be healthy and active, one should need to maintain a balanced and appropriate weight. There are many diets that have been formulated based on the weight loss formula since the beginning of healthy dieting concept. The concept behind losing weight is addition subtraction. The more you eat, the more you gain weight and the more you burn calories, the less you gain fat. Recently, the idea of “Smart Eating” is the talk of the town. This strategy is being linked to the weight loss formula. Of course, it’s a proven fact now that you don’t have to stick to any particular diet for maintaining an ideal figure rather; the key is to eat smartly! The game is all about “how” you are eating rather than “what” are you eating. Here, we have compiled some smart eating tricks for all the weight conscious people.

  1. Keep a Track about Your Weight

The first step to smart eating is keeping a record of your weight. You should fall in the healthy range of BMI (Body Mass Index). For gaining an ideal weight, you have to eat the best you can and exercise regularly.

  1. Healthy Breakfast is a Must

Breakfast is regarded as the king of all the meals. You can miss your dinner but never your breakfast! It is essential for your body to get the fuel in the morning for efficient functioning. Healthy breakfast makes sure that your stomach is working properly and the metabolism is vigilant. Eating early increases your insulin sensitivity making your total caloric intake less. Eat meals that are rich in proteins such as eggs, fish and fortified cereals.

  1. Count Your Calories

It is necessary to keep a record of all the calories you are intaking. Calorie is the unit of energy stored in the foods. This energy is going to be either metabolized or stored in the form of fats in your body. Contact your doctor and nutritionist to guide you how many calories you should intake and how much you have to burn through daily exercise routine.

  1. Sleep Enough

The average sleep that you should take daily is 8 hours. Sleep deprivation and insomnia are the killers of your health and they should be avoided at any cost. Low sleep elevates levels of ghrelin hormone that is an appetite-stimulating hormone and lowers the levels of leptin that is an appetite-suppressing hormone. So, when you sleep well, your appetite is in control and you won’t have to suffer from hunger pangs. While, sleep deprivation leads to caloric intake making us overweight.



  1. Eat Healthy

Smart eating is all about eating healthy food such as natural organic foods. Avoiding junk food and snacks help you to stay healthy and fit. Incorporate fibers in your meals as they are less in calories and more in nutrients. They require time to digest due to which you won’t feel hungry.

The Bottom Line

Eating healthy with smart strategies and exercising are the key ways of losing weight and maintaining an ideal body. Your food should reflect your mind and body. What and how we eat has a major impact on our minds as well. Be positive and eat positively!


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