Key to a healthy diet


Healthy body is key to success in every walk of life. Body health is dependent on a number of factors. What we eat is perhaps the most critical single factor that affects our health. Whatever, we eat has a direct effect on our bodies. So, it is important to understand the concept of healthy diet and adopt it as a life style.

Unfortunately, ravishing pace of modern life and easy availability of processed food has increasingly made our daily diet unhealthy (and so are our eating habits). Though seemingly easy, most people find it hard to develop healthy eating habits. In reality, it is not that restrictive as most people imagine.

As a rule, it is important to eat healthy and derive our daily dietary needs from natural food sources like vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grain etc and avoid unhealthy processed food.

Here is how you can do it.

Create variety in your food sources

Consuming a wide variety of food is the key to healthy diet. It is of primary importance since getting nutrition from a variety of sources ensure that body gets all the essential elements for optimal body function and wellness promotion.

Achieve a balance in proportions of your food intake

Balance is the essence of life and so is true for healthy diet as well. Human body essentially require fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in balanced proportions. Excessive or deficient intake of any essential element results in dietary imbalances that ultimately cause reduction in energy levels and onset of disease.

Develop healthy eating habits to achieve the all-important proportion balance. For example, if you plan to dine out with your friends or family, do not jump to food at first sight. It is always better to kick off with appetizers.

Do not go for a large portion of a particular food or dish (even if you love it). Develop the habit to eat a bit of everything to ensure that your meal remain balanced in proportion.

Watch and plan your calorie intake

Average human requires 2000 calories for efficient functioning. The optimum strategy for a day diet plan is to consume 2000 calories daily. How you consume those 2000 calories is important to achieve dietary balance. 2000 calories must be smartly divided in calories obtained from fat, protein and carb intake.

The worst mistake can be avoiding fats and carbs totally while giving preference to proteins intake. Plan your diet smartly to include the recommended portions of each within your daily dietary intake to achieve all critical balance. Best way is to know the caloric value of your food intake and plan your meals accordingly.

Whole grain intake for essential fiber content

Include whole grains like wheat, barley and oats in your daily diet plan. Whole grains are a rich source of fiber that promotes healthy digestive system and positively affects many critical functions within human body.

Limit daily intake of processed food

Processed foods like refined carbs and sugars lack dietary fibers and nutrients. They are complex compounds that body finds difficult to absorb. Being super rich in calories, processed food promote obesity and cause life threatening conditions.




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