Healthy Diet and weight loss

There are a lot of ways out there to lose weight. But most of them are based on unhealthy diet plans that leave you cramped and craving for food. Basing on such unhealthy weight loss plans, most people lose weight quickly but end up eating more and regaining the lost weight in the long run. Your body needs healthy nutrition (even when losing weight). The ideal weight loss plan should:

  • Lower your appetite
  • Enable you to lose weight while maintaining healthy nutritional balance
  • Maintain your vitality and energy level

Here is how you can achieve all this:-

1.    Lower your carbohydrates intake

It is important that you cut back on sugars and starch from your diet. These high carb foods cause insulin secretion which encourages fat storage in the body. Conversely, low insulin levels favor fat burn process. As a result, kidney filters out excess sodium and water from the body. It effectively reduces bloating, appetite and cause weight loss without robbing you of the precious energy.

2.    Protein, fats and vegetables are the ideal mix

Add protein, fat and low-carb vegetables to your weight loss plan. High protein content reduces late night food cravings and binge eating spasms. Low-carbs (like meat and vegetables) contain essential fibers and vitamins. Adding low-fat food to your diet plan is a must as well. Eat 2-3 meals per day to ensure that you have constant energy supply for healthy life style.

3.    Combine your weight loss plan with gym routine

For best results from your diet plan, combine it with thrice a week gym visit. It is important to follow the routine for toning up purpose. Quick weight loss can leave shabby stretch marks and toning up your body is the most suitable mean to counter that.

Best is to follow aerobics routine for efficient calorie burning. However, lifting moderate weights can also help in burning calories and speeding up metabolism.

4.    Hit the track if you have a choice

If you don’t want to lift weights or gym is too expensive, then running, walking and swimming are some of the great alternatives. All these activities are proven success applications for weight reduction, detoxification of human body and toning up of muscles.

5.    Calorie count is a good weight loss monitoring tool

Though it may seem cumbersome, but experience proves that calorie counting keeps you cautious with your food intake and helps in weight loss. Creating a smart healthy balance is also critical. Try to keep your carbs in 20 to 50 grams per day and get rest of calories from proteins and fats.

6.    Drink plenty of water and never skip breakfast

Excessive water intake is important for maintaining a healthy nutritional balance during weight loss. It detoxifies your body and keeps your skin rejuvenated. Contrary to popular belief, skipping breakfast won’t help you in losing weight. In reality, you can end up eating more to overcome recurring hunger pangs.

Bottom line

The best way to lose weight is to lose it gradually. Losing lots of pounds quickly can result in muscle loss and reduction in bone density as well. Try to lose one to two pounds a week and maintain healthy life style.


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